The Most Beautiful Beaches in Brazil

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Brazil

Baía dos Porcos, Fernando de Noronha
The Baía dos Porcos is a unique shore where tide pools form among volcanic rocks. The combination of small swimming pools, black rocks, and beating sun create, essentially, a series of natural hot tubs. It’s the ideal place for relaxation, a few drinks.

Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha
Since you’re going to Fernando de Noronha anyway, you’d better stop by Baía do Sancho as well (it’s right next to Baía dos Porcos). The beach is surrounded by cliffs on all sides, so it looks a bit like the end of Planet of the Apes, but with better views. Like all of the Fernando de Noronha, you can experience unbelievable snorkeling and diving along the beach. Typical over-achieving Brazil.

If you’ve ever watched a video of someone kite boarding during a hurricane and thought “I could do that!” then head to Jericoacoara. The town is a favorite for kite boarding, windsurfing, and sand boarding down the massive dunes by the shore. The town has been transformed into a touristy destination in recent years, but weird local laws still dictate small-town features, like sandy roads and no street lighting, giving the place a downtempo vibe.

Quarta Praia
Morro de Sao Paulo is a laid-back island town with a mix of newer upscale hotels and old-school taverns, making it ideal for getting away from the busier areas of Brazil. Tons of beaches surround the area, but residents agree that the Quarta Praia (literally just “the fourth beach” along the shoreline) on the eastern coastline is the best, with long sandbars and palm trees. Basically, this place looks like exactly what comes up if you just google “paradise”.

Conceição Beach, Fernando de Noronha
Conçeicão is a surfer’s paradise, with a massive curved shoreline that serves up perfect waves to carve. For the rest of us balance-challenged masses, Conçeicão is so much more, with incredible vistas of volcanic rock formations that look like something straight out of Game of Thrones .

Lençóis Maranhenses, Maranhão
Lençóis Maranhenses is easily one of the coolest-looking places on earth. Formed by desert sand dunes that collect water during the rainy season, the park is filled with crisp blue lagoons surrounded by white sands. Effectively, this creates hundreds of pools, some with fish or vegetation, all with different shorelines and water and dunes. This makes Lençóis Maranhenses the tapas bar of beaches: hundreds of tiny coasts for you to explore, each one a little bit different.

Galés Beach, Maragogi
If you’re an eco-tourist trying to see coral reefs while you can, the galés of Maragogi are unparalleled. Warm water coming off the Atlantic washes up on shallow beaches, creating accessible coral reefs that you can walk among. Just be careful — corals are delicate, and Brazil takes their ecosystems seriously.

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