Army begins electrifying tactical and combat vehicles as part of its drive to revolutionize the battlefield

Army Futures Command has given a green light to ground maneuver officials at Fort Benning, Georgia, to find out what it would take to outfit the service’s tactical and combat vehicles with electric engines.

The Maneuver Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate is moving forward with the development of future electrification requirements for the Army’s ground force, according to a service news release.

MCDID’s Maneuver Requirements Division has the lead in developing the requirements document for Tactical and Combat Vehicle Electrification, part of an effort to reduce the Army’s reliance on fossil fuels, the release states.

“We know industry is making significant progress in the electrification of vehicles and, from our perspective, the operational and tactical benefits couldn’t be clearer,” a Maneuver Requirements Division project officer said in a statement to “We believe now is the time to start moving out on electrification, because the available technology aligns with the capabilities we are pursuing.”

Lt. Gen. Eric Wesley, deputy commander of Army Futures Command and director of the Futures and Concepts Center, said in April that vehicle designers at Tesla Inc. in Palo Alto, California, have already proven that electric motor technology can be scaled up to run vehicles the size of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

Benning officials are planning for a virtual Electrification Industry Day on Oct. 20 to share preliminary plans for the effort. The Army has also partnered with CALSTART, a nonprofit organization that works with businesses and governments to develop clean, efficient transportation.


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