A Las Vegas survival guide: the dos and don’ts of Sin City

Few destinations can match the unbridled hedonism of Las Vegas. Nevada’s pulsating desert city, a tangle of neon-lit casinos and roaring freeways, is one of the most unforgettable places on Earth. If you get it right, a weekend in this town can be the trip of a lifetime. If you don’t, Vegas can easily overwhelm and disappoint – not to mention empty your wallet. Here are our tips for making the most of the city.

Do take time to find the right hotel
The first step is choosing the right place to stay, and in Vegas the options are almost limitless. Start by thinking about what you want to get out of your trip. Which casinos and sights do you want to be near? How important for you is it to stay in one of big names? How far can you really afford to stretch your budget?

The city’s hotels run the gamut from slightly seedy to ridiculously extravagant, with a bewildering array of deals to draw you in. At the upper end of the scale, lavish mega-casinos such as the Venetian and Bellagio spoil you rotten with luxury facilities, shops and restaurants. More affordable are lovably kitsch stalwarts including Luxor and New York–New York, as well as modern casinos such as the Linq, where chic rooms make up for a lack of big-name attractions.

Do blow your budget on a buffet brunch
Where else in the world can you pick from hundreds of dishes and wash them down with limitless mimosas? Vegas does all-you-can-eat buffets like no other city, with highlights ranging from fresh seafood and dim sum to made-to-order pancakes and indulgent dessert bars. Buy the Pocket Rough Guide to Las Vegas for reviews of all the best, including Caesars’ legendary Bacchanal Buffet.

Do embrace the weird and wonderful
Take a ride in a Venetian gondola on the second-floor of the eponymous casino. Zip through the Manhattan skyline on New York–New York’s famous rollercoaster. Watch a volcano erupt at the Mirage. See “Elvis” in action in one of the Strip’s late-night bars. It’s these over-the-top experiences that you’ll remember long after your visit.

Don’t miss out on the shows
Vegas shows are simply some of the world’s best. Tickets might be pricey, but seeing at least one is well worth it, whether you want to be awed by Penn and Teller’s magic tricks, catch the inimitable Cirque du Soleil in action or dance the night away with Britney.

Do get high
No, not that kind of high. Vegas is best seen from above, and there are plenty of places from where you can take in the view. If your budget won’t stretch to a helicopter tour, hop into a capsule on the High Roller ferris wheel or head to the observation deck at the Stratosphere, the tallest building in the city.

Don’t rent a car
Free drinks and driving do not mix – just don’t do it. Not only is the Strip generally safe and walkable (this is, after all, the city that installed escalators over intersections), but you’ll rarely need to wait more than a few minutes for an Uber or a cab.

Don’t just visit in summer
Pool parties and palm trees might be quintessential Las Vegas, but there are plenty of reasons to visit in winter – not least the bearable temperatures. New Year is, unsurprisingly, a party like no other, while Christmas sees lights, festive shows and ice-rinks pop up across town.

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